Thesis Chapter one particular

 Thesis Phase 1 Article


Perception linked to the statistical Competency

being a basic application for ocean going student in

Selective colleges in Community Manila,

A Thesis offered to the teachers of the School of Ocean going Education Our Lady of Fatima College or university

In Part Fulfilment with the Requirements

in the Subject of Research Approach with Marine Concept.


Jover B. Castro

Johnjay John Veneranda

Gabriel San Manuel

John Glenn Casinillo

Roderick Natividad

Draw Santy Dela Cruz

Part 1



Testing Students understanding and skills in relation to all their mathematical features in order to admit their expertise as a fundamental tool or perhaps requirement in pursuing to their course Bachelors of Technology in Underwater Transportation. The Bachelor of Science in Marine Vehicles (BSMT) is actually a four-year undergraduate degree program which leads into a professional job in the maritime industry, as a marine deck officer. Through this program, the scholars will be able to acquire the necessary expertise and understanding needed to complete their long term duties and responsibilities of a marine police officer, and will be exposed to theories and practices in seamanship, routing, ship business, meteorology, and marine laws and regulations. The Bachelors of Science in Marine Transportation is definitely taught through classroom-based frente instructions, regular hands-on exercising usually done in special laboratories, as well as simulation activities regarding the use of modern send equipments like the RADAR, ARPA, and GMDSS communication.

The objective of this research is to know the mathematical competency of Ocean going Students in selected educational institutions in City Manila. Aristotle said " Mathematics may be the manipulation of the meaningless emblems of a first-order language according to precise, syntactical rules still various other approaches highlight pattern, order, or structure”. In our pupils today, the first problem is the lack of expertise in solving mathematical complications, but as sea transportation learners, it is required that the fils that is studying Marine travel has understanding in math concepts, in solving mathematical challenges, that is crucial off or on board ship. Math is definitely a important subject matter because in such a modern and non-stop producing world today, most people will need mathematics since an important application for their profession, no matter what it really is. Obviously, math concepts plays a vital role in daily use. The goal of this research is to get information on how important mathematics as requirements to this Marine Transportation classes. The Sea Transportation program includes all of the practical shipboard work and the most of the necessary courses of the Marine Vehicles Operations program, with added required classes in mathematics, writing and communications, and technical savoir (Maine Maritime Academy). Therefore it is a necessity that students have an endowed knowledge of numerical concepts following graduate with this course in having a task after graduating in this training course.

Statement from the Problem

The general problem of the study is always to know the " Mathematical Expertise of Maritime Student in selective educational institutions in City Manila like a Requirement for the Course BALONEY Marine Travel.

Specifically, the research sought to resolve the following:

1 ) What is the profile of the respondents with regards to:

1 . you Gender

1 ) 2 Grow older

1 . three or more Year Level?

2 . Precisely what is the importance of mathematic subject in sea Transportation courses? 3. What level of competency in mathematics does a sea Transportation course's needs? four.. Do the BSMT students in selective universities in City Manila have sufficient math competencies to study Sea Transportation 5. Is there a romance involve in the level of understanding or functionality to the degree of mathematical proficiency of underwater students?

Hypothesis of the Research

In this study the subsequent null speculation were...

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