The Difficulties of the Syndication of Medical Drugs from Rivers State Central Medical Store to Rural Well being Centres in Rivers Condition

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 The Difficulties of the Circulation of Medical Drugs via Rivers Point out Central Medical Store to Rural Well being Centres in Rivers Express Essay




Medical medicines are products that are used in treatment of condition, diseases and regulation of human anatomy. They are products of pharmaceutical companies. All their distributors and intermediaries simply by standard has to be pharmacists or pharmaceutical retailers. In many countries, government authorities have taken the responsibility of providing medical medications and pharmaceutical drug products for their citizens at a low cost; in addition they give offers and problem with some taxation and duties to medical drugs generating companies, Medical institutes and research centres to assist them in exploring into traditional medicinal practises. Mao (2009) has it that government of China provided 400 varieties of antibiotics in 2004 and ordered every public private hospitals to purchase drugs in public biddings to decrease value of drugs. Many charity agencies like the Un Development Plan (UNDP) and World Health Organization (WHO) have been known for their humanitarian works in offering medical medications as water wells other aids to indigent people in developing countries to assist these people in resolving their health issues. Ally countries show their very own friendship, attention and improve their connections with the number one ally countries by providing drugs, foodstuff and shelter to all of them during famine, war, and other natural challenges. United States of America just lately supplied readily antiretroviral medicines to Nigeria to assist them in the power over HIV/AIDS in the area.

Non-Governmental Agencies (NGO) and several patriotic people and churches have also joined up with the lead by providing medical drugs, training and informing people in some lethal sicknesses, their treatment and preventions. Noteworthy, medical medications proved an excellent significance as politicians during their manifestos assure to render the hostipal wards and wellness centres with medical prescription drugs and facilities. Nwokah, Maclayton and Ezirim (2009) arranged that provision of good health care (provision of medical drugs) is the principal objective of any authorities. Hence, the real reason for her taking responsibility to ensure adequate and prompt supply of drugs in all of the government owned or operated hospitals. Medical drugs and products are very important for the health of individuals.

It is obvious that the governments owe their citizens a responsibility of providing medical drugs through health organisations and private hospitals nearer to them to continue to keep their lives healthy to be able to contribute to nation-building. Rural health centres according to David and John (2002) would be the culmination of a decade of initiatives and activity by governments, wellness organizations and communities wanting to address the challenge of the country health. Country health surfaced in the nineties as a great identifiable discipline of actions focusing on improving the health status and conference the specific well being needs of individuals living exterior of locations (John and John 2002). Rural wellness centres' targets are to bring health care closer to the people living outside the city, reduce child and women mortality during kid delivery, decongest the downtown hospitals-reducing the amount of patients that is to be attended to by simply each well being workers, producing heath care accessible and affordable to rural dwellers through the constant supply of medical drugs and also other medical tools to rural health centres.


Streams State central medical retail store was institution during colonial time period. It truly is domiciled in Port Harcourt opposite Nigerian Port Authority and in back of the train way fatal to assistance the eastern zone and also other parts of the country. Due to state creation, Rivers State government took over the store and operates it beneath the regulation and supervision of Rivers Point out Ministry of health. It can be directly monitored by the pharmaceutical service division of point out ministry of health. Not necessarily a profit making venture, their grocer manufactures and also procures medications from registered drugs making...

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