The Crusades Log Entry

 The Crusades Journal Entry Essay

Journal Entry

1099 – Christian Crusader

The entire year is 1099. The rest of the crusaders and I happen to be traveling to Jerusalem. It's been a long, brutal voyage. We have not any clean drinking water. We've often had to use drinking our own urine to outlive. The very little food we have has been brought to us by townsfolk all of us passed on our journey, and they've been acquired by us at odieux prices. We pray towards the Holy Dad, that we reach our vacation spot soon.

We have finally reached Jerusalem, the Holy Land, the place where Christ himself was crucified by the Romans and ascended to heaven. The crimson cross in our armor reminds us how come we're struggling everyday. We have had the skills and perseverance to travel this far to adopt back what is rightfully our bait.

After having a two month siege, we have finally conquered Jerusalem! We have won back again our property! Some of us have returned house, but I do believe I'll stay. It seems unnecessary to travel this sort of a long distance just to come back not soon afterward. This area is so beautiful and wealthy with lifestyle, I'm undoubtedly glad to be here. To Holy Father, I was truly thankful for your blessings!

1099 – Muslim

12 months is 1099. I at present live in Jerusalem, the Ay Land. There is talk of Europeans invading the land out west. No one below really understands why…. we now have lived that way for centuries, and we're uncertain why the Europeans would want to wage war around on such a Holy Land.

The invaders have bitten a area just to the west of us, Syria. It seems as though this kind of attack is the work of the Byzantines, or the Romans. This is certainly much sudden. We have genuinely offended them somehow, but were unsure about how.

The invaders have bitten Jerusalem! The land of Mohammed's ascension to the great heavens previously mentioned has been overthrown by the Christian barbarians. That they call the ‘Crusaders' and wear a cross issues armors to symbolize their the almighty. It is truly despicable to see such a sacred place destroyed by simply such...

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