Semantics and Meaning

 Semantics and Meaning Composition


Semantics: a branch of assumptive linguistics, that deals with the meanings of words and sentences. The triangle of meaning:

1-The thing: refers to the factor outside the head and outsidie the language. 2-The word: image which identifies the thing.

3-The meaning: it is just a concept or reference. is it doesn't image, features or subjective entity. The lines of relationship among the trio elements may take diverse directions: 1-thingпѓ meaningпѓ word==we see a issue then we all remember its meaning and after that its term. 2-meaningпѓ wordпѓ thing==you recollect a which means then their word then the thing. 3-wordпѓ meaningпѓ thing==you hear anything then you keep in mind its that means and then their thing. Semantics fields:

Semantics fields could be sub classified into:

1-the field of continuous concrets. it is a semantic field of words that refer to points. 2-the field of separate concretes: it is just a semantic field of words that consider separate concrete floor entities like the semantic fields of vegetation and pets or animals. 3-the field of abstracts: it is a field of terms referring to abstract concepts just like, honesty, generosity... •Semantic fields share several qualities:

1-Words of the same field belong to precisely the same morphological or syntactic school. 2-Words of the identical field will be either related to concrete or perhaps abstract referents. 3-The volume of common includes a among the phrases of the same impacts the number of member words. Recollect and relationship:

When you listen to the word nighttime, you probably recollect anything associated with it, such as sleep, silence.., those words and phrases differ from individual to individual and largely dependent on personal experiences. These associations usually are changeable as opposed to field relationships. Inter-field relationships:

Words that belong to precisely the same semantic field show one of those relationships: 1-synonymy: similarity of meaning of two phrases or more.

2-antonymy: may give many meanings including:

1-gradable antonyms: which allows gradability such as: big-small/fast-slow And is...

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