Meals Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional Tokyo Ato Japan 12-28-2012

 Food Services - Motel Restaurant Institutional Tokyo Ato Japan 12-28-2012 Essay


Required Survey - open public distribution Date: 12/28/2012 GAIN Report Number: JA2541

Asia Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional Japan HRI Food Support Sector Statement 2013

Approved By: Steve Shnitzler, Director, ATO Japan Prepared By: Masayuki (Alex) Otsuka, Consultant, ATO Tokyo Report Illustrates: This is a great updated tips for Japan's $360 billion Motel, Restaurant and Institutional (HRI) Food Support market. The food service sector suffered significantly from the influences of the 03 11 Superb Earthquake this summer and because of incidences of food poisoning in 2011 and 2012, however the industry shows a step by step restoration in spite of a number of economic downturns. The sector is significantly offering international cuisine over the market place. Competition remains strong and the complex Japanese customer continues to require high quality foods in their dishes. U. S i9000. suppliers are well positioned to compete in many products types provided they can be willing to adjust to changing

industry demands.

Content: Tokyo ATO

Executive Summary: I. INDUSTRY SUMMARY A. Market Volume level and Pattern The food service (HRI) sector was appreciated at ВҐ28. 27 trillion in 2011, down from 29. 13 from in 2010, and down via ВҐ30. '08 trillion in 2007. Japan's food support industry is closely linked with the Japanese economic system and provides closely tracked general economical conditions, as reflected in chart 1 . Chart one particular: The value of the foodstuff Service Industry and Japan's GDP

Resource: Food Services Industry Analysis Institute (Value), Japan Figure Bureau

Note: In portions I and II, stats used in this report happen to be primarily portrayed in yen, since year-to-year fluctuations in the exchange rate distort the reading of trends. Data 2: Twelve-monthly Average Exchange Rates 12 months Average JPВҐ per US$ 2007 117. 93 2008 104. 23 2009 93. 52 2010 88. 2009 2011 79. 97

Resource: Trade Statistic of Asia

Chart 3: Corresponding Benefit in US$ Using Twelve-monthly Average Exchange Rates The japanese Food Service Market In Japanese Yen Trillion (ВҐ) In US Dollar Billion dollars ($) 3 years ago 30. 35 257. thirty six 2008 31. 08 288. 59 2009 29. twenty-three 312. fifty-five 2010 30. 31 332. 73 2011 28. 82 360. 39

Source: Trade Statistic of Japan, Meals Service Market Research Start

The Principal reasons behind fluctuations in the value with the food support sector in the last five years are caused by the following: 1 ) In 2007, steady GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT growth plus the corresponding embrace spending between Japanese customers. 2 . In 2008 and 2009, the economic effect exerted by economic collapse and following world economic downturn decreased discretionary spending on business meals and receptions. 3. In 2009 and 2010, economic recovery as well as the corresponding embrace spending the two businesses and consumers. 5. The Mar 2011 earthquake and tsunami deeply impacted the entire economy in The japanese and HRI sales fallen dramatically. For a number of months, Western consumers and business refrained from any kind of action or event that could be perceived as celebratory. 5. Market sales include recovered slowly since Summer 2010, but two lethal food poisoning incidents slowed down sales and scared consumers away from dining out temporarily in 2011 through 2012. 6. At the end of 2012, industry sources reported that sales are recovering, especially in the less expensive casual QSR sector plus the high-end benefit restaurant sector. (See Graph and or chart 4)

Dining out is an important portion of the Japanese traditions. The sophisticated Western consumer requirements high quality food products in their foods. As per the Graph 2, latest favorable exchange rate shifts favor to U. S. suppliers, who are very well positioned to compete in several product categories provided they can be willing to adapt to changing marketplace demands. The food service sector has re-organized in the last your five years several traditional little restaurants have gone out of...

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