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Avoid to Rare metal Mountain: Section Two Knowledge Questions

Chapter Six – " Storm Clouds of Hatred”

1 . The Central Pacific Railroad made travelling to the Western Coast through the East considerably faster and less dangerous. What do this suggest for the Chinese folks who had chosen the Western Coast?

- They'd to find other areas to live – The Chinese people encountered discrimination in the new light settlers, whom thought that these were entitled to have the jobs, not the Chinese people who previously lived presently there.

2 . How and so why did American politicians make use of the Chinese because scapegoats?

- They built a paper to mix up hate against the Oriental – they will told people that the China people were choosing all of their jobs and that they ought to be forced to keep America

three or more. What happened in Los Angeles, in October 24, 1871?

-- There was huge range and the hurtful people who thought the Chinese had to get attacked and killed a few of them.

4. The panels on-page 91 & 92 of this chapter consists of some very upsetting text and images. Which -panel on these pages sticks out the most to suit your needs? Why?

-- The first panel on-page 92 reveals the Chinese language people who have recently been killed – the thing that shocked me the most was the fact that one of the persons killed was only a twelve-year outdated child

Phase Seven – " The Chinese Need to Go! ”

1 ) What was the " Stress of ‘77”, and what does Denis Kearney do in reaction to it? - The boys were obtaining restless simply because there was no work - Kearney decides that he will pin the consequence on the China and begins spreading the message which the Chinese are taking all the jobs & he leads a riot

2 . What do Father Wong and My oh my Sam do in reaction to the events of July 1877 in San Francisco? - Anti-Chinese league holds a rally and eliminates some people, thus Father Wong and My oh my Sam plan to move north, to Victoria, Canada

3. What was the goal of the Chinese Benevolent Society formed in Victoria in...

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