Internet Marketing

 Internet Marketing Composition

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Unit 30: Internet Marketing

Device code: D/601/1102

Assignment Brief


On effective completion of this kind of unit a learner can:

1 Understand marketing through the internet

two Be able to go surfing for advertising using digital marketing communications 3 Be able to develop market research to compliment customer marriage management 5 Be able to design and style an internet advertising plan.

|Learning outcomes: |Assessment criteria pertaining to pass: The learner can: |Evaluation directory | |On successful completion of this product a | | | |learner will | | | |LO1 Understand marketing through the |1. 1 make clear the portions of internet marketing |Presenting & Revealing research studies| |internet. |1. 2 measure the internet marketing mix |& evaluation | | |1. three or more compare online marketing tools – e-tools | | | |1. some examine interactive order processing | | |LO2 Have the ability to use the internet for |2. you demonstrate the mechanics of search engine |Demonstrating tools & development | |promotion applying digital advertising |marketing | | |communications |2. 2 write the copy for a suitable opt-in email | | | |marketing newsletter | | | |2. three or more follow guidelines for best practice in on the web | | | |public relations | | | |2. four demonstrate just how businesses may use new digital | | | |media communities, eg file-sharing sites | | |LO3 Have the ability to produce market research to|3. one particular conduct supplementary market research |Demonstrating market research results | |support customer romance |3. a couple of design a web survey |and customer romantic relationship management | |management |3. 3 display the use of electronic digital customer | | | |relationship | | | |marketing | | |LO4 Be able to design and style an internet |4. 1 generate an outline online marketing plan |Delivering an internet advertising plan & | |marketing plan |4. 2 produce a presentation upon pay per click |Demonstrating pay per click advertising| | |advertising. | | ASSESSMENTS INTRO

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