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Public Policy Evaluation I

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Individual Assignment #1

Submitted By simply: Kimbley Hendrix

Belhaven College or university

Jackson, Mississippi

April 1, 2013

" Does the large use of Much larger surveillance technologies make you truly feel safer since it can avoid crime, or perhaps less safe as a result of possible infractions of your city liberties? Considering more careful now applying communication technologies, knowing that what you may type or perhaps send in electronic format could be reconstructed and utilized to judge your lawfulness or perhaps your figure? ” Your government surveillance originated to ensure security through-out the earth. Many companies have placed these kinds of surveillance video cameras in spots such as light poles, car port, street lumination, telephone rod, and even department stores. They are located to view the movement in the citizens. The Big Brother theory of surveillance is pervasive snooping and monitoring should frighten innocent people, it should only help to make lawbreakers worried because they are the sole ones with something to cover. This to a lot of could be viewed as a possible breach of their detrimental liberties, nevertheless , I do certainly not considered that to be a problem. I feel safer because it doe protect from crime. In many cases, these cams have been the voice of citizens whom have been patients of various criminal offenses. For this, I know that many people are happy. Knowing that anything I type, send electronically could be reconstructed and it may also be used to judge my own lawfulness or my character, surely doe prompt myself to be cautious of the things i am sending. In today's society, your " word” and character is actually all that one needs to form an impression of you. You would definitely want these items to be positive. " And the seeds that fell within the good soil represent genuine, good-hearted folks who hear God's word, hold on it, and patiently...

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