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The food processing industry in India is a dawn sector which includes gained prominence in recent years. Accessibility to raw materials, changing lifestyles and relaxation in policies has given some considerable push for the industry's growth. This sector is among the few that is a vital hyperlink between the agriculture and commercial segments of the economy. Conditioning this hyperlink is of important importance to enhance the value of agricultural produce; make sure remunerative prices to farmers and at the same time make favorable demand for Indian agricultural products in the world market. A thrust to the food finalizing sector suggests significant development of the farming sector and ensures value addition to that. The Indian food processing industry holds tremendous probability of grow, considering the still nascent levels of control at present. Although India's farming production foundation is reasonably good, wastage of agricultural generate is considerable. Processing of fruits and vegetables can be described as low 2%, around 35% in milk, 21% in meat and 6% in poultry goods. By foreign comparison, these types of levels will be significantly low - control of agriculture produce is around 40% in China, 30% in Asia, 70% in Brazil, 78% in the Thailand and 80 percent in Malaysia. Value conjunction with agriculture generate in India is just 20%, wastage can be estimated being valued at around US$ 13 bn (Rs 580 bn). India, with an arable terrain of 184 mn hectares is, the very best producer of milk on the globe at 80 mn considerations p. a., second most significant producer of fruits & vegetables (150 mn tonnes), third greatest producer of food grain and fish and has got the largest livestock population. Taking into consideration the wide-ranging and enormous raw materials base that the country offers, along with a client base of over a single billion people, the market holds great opportunities to get large assets.

Ministry of Food Processing Industries

The Ministry was set up in 98 and the sector segments which come under it is purview are: Fruit & Vegetable digesting (including freezing and dehydration) Grain Control

Processing of Fish (including canning and freezing)

Finalizing and a fridge of particular agricultural products, dairy products, fowl and ova, meat and meat goods Industries associated with bread, oilseeds, meals (edible), breakfast foods, biscuits, sweetmeat, malt remove, protein isolate, high proteins food, weaning food and extruded foods (including additional ready-to-eat foods) Beer, which includes nonalcoholic beer

Alcoholic beverages from non-molasses base

Oxygenated water and soft drinks

Specialised packaging pertaining to food control industries.

The Ministry of Food Digesting Industries, GoI, has predicted the size of the Indian food market at US$ 191 bn (Rs 8, 600 bn). The processed food market is usually projected being over US$ 100 bn, of which the primarily highly processed food market makes up about 60%, even though the value-added highly processed food market is approximately 40%. The standard annual growth of the food finalizing industry has been around 8% between FY01-FY06. The segments that contain driven the expansion are the beverages and meats & meats products and prepared fish groups. The food digesting industry in India provides a share of 1. 5% in the total GDP of the country, and as element of total manufacturing accounts for 9%. India's share in world control in respect of processed food is around 1 . 6%. An extensive and highly fragmented industry, the food processing sector largely consists of the following sub-segments: fruits & vegetables, dairy and dairy food, beer & alcoholic beverages, various meats and fowl, marine products, grain finalizing, packaged/convenience food and grouped together drinks. A large number of players from this industry are small sized companies, and are also largely targeted in the unorganised segment. This segment accounts for more than 70 percent of the result in amount terms and 50% in value conditions. However , though the organized sector is fairly small ,...

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