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Ganpat Vidyanagar,

Mehsana-Gozaria Highway, Mehsana - 384012, Gujarat, INDIA

Tele Fernkopie: +91-2762-286080, 286924, Toll Free No: 180023312345 Email: [email protected] air conditioning unit. in Web page: 1



" It shall be the constant undertaking of Mehsana District Education Foundation and Ganpat University or college to meet the educational needs with the youth inside the areas of specialist studies and supply state-of-the art learning possibilities along with inculcation of values of commitment and uprightness”


" Seek, Search and gives programs that lead to symbiotic introduction of ‘academic excellence' and ‘industrial relevance' in education and research”


OUR LOGO What it takes

The logo of Ganpat University is a sq in reddish colored colour. The form square symbolizes the stability and strength. The symmetrical sq shape affirms the university's intention of providing equal opportunity in education. The 'Red' color is a nice-looking colour that provides solidity and boldness to the logo. Crimson represents various positive connotations in various nationalities and countries. In India, colour Reddish symbolizes delight, life, energy and creativity. The identity 'GANPAT UNIVERSITY is crafted in the font 'Century Schoolbook'. This is a regular font providing you with the clarity and worth the traditions. At the initially look, the graphics in the logo provides an impression of a person examining a book symbols of the education. The circle in the graphics implies a rising sun implying the enlightenment. It also indicates the growth positioning of the university. Six petal-like elements in the graphics portray six facets of overall development of individual that the university can be emphasizing. They are: Knowledge • Integrity • Hard work • Sincerity • Leadership • Teamwork Finally, the Sanskrit scripture that means advancement with the society through education amounts up the eyesight on which the university's base lays. 3


The Ganpat University or college, a 'Statutory Private University' has been founded on 12th April, 2005 by the Condition Legislature of presidency of Gujarat through Work No . 19 of june 2006 and notified vide Notification No . GH/SH/6/GUA/3005/1194/KH-1, dated 11th April, june 2006. The Ganpat University is usually recognized by UGC under section 2(f) of the UGC Action, 1956 which is a member of Association of Indian Educational institutions (AIU). The establishment in the Ganpat School signifies the fulfillment of any long valued aspiration of the people of the North Gujarat place. The school is located for lush green hi-tech education campus of Ganpat Vidyanagar near Kherva village, 15 kilometers far from Mehsana and 52 miles from Gandhinagar in North Gujarat, India. The campus is spread over 300 quadrat of area with more than 55, 000 trees and shrubs. The campus is marketed by Mehsana District Education Foundation, a highly progressive trust dedicated to the cause of imparting quality technical and professional education in the North Gujarat area. Ganpat School has come about from the joint contribution of large number of industrialists, technocrats, maqui berry farmers and affluent businessmen encouraged by the perspective, dedication and nobility of Shri Anilbhai Patel, past MLA and Minister of Industry and Mining, Government. of Gujarat, eminent experienced educationist plus the leader of this mission. A great support to him can be from an NRI Shri Ganpatbhai Patel who has donated around Twelve to fifteen Crore Rupees towards repayment of his debt that he owed to this pious and successful mother area North Gujarat. Mehsana District Education Base and the Ganpat University with a motto of Social Assistance through Education at its roots, aim to convey . education through their diversified Diploma, Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Study Programs in technical and professional discipline like Engineering, Pharmacy, Management, Computer Scientific research, Information Technology, Sciences, Education, Cultural...

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