anatomist design task

 engineering design project Essay


School of Continuing and Specialist Education

City University of Hong Kong

BEng (Hons) Flames Engineering

Semester N (12/13)

Executive Design Task (FV3201)

Project 2

Teacher: Dr . Dominic Yu

College student Name: Chan Man Hong

Student IDENTITY card: 52654785

1 . Select one " fire-rated timber/glazed door” program OR 1 " fire-rated panel” system in neighborhood market and review their fire evaluation reports and assessment studies. a) Explain the door or panel system, material used as well as application in details.

The specimen constructed onto the test furnace while using brick wall structure constructed of ordinary bricks of nominal size 240mm by 120mm times 60mm, with 240mm aspect as the wall width, surrounding it.

The specimen is known as a Fire Resistant Glass Program (0. 5H) which the density of the goblet is 18 mm.

b) Describe the fireplace performance plus the fire patterns of the picked system.

The observations enemy the example of beauty behavior throughout the test is usually shown listed below: Time (min)



The test was started.


The revealed glass broken.

1 . five

The revealed glass dropped off.

three or more

The gel layer extended entirely.


No significant change.

thirty eight

The carbamide peroxide gel layer partially cracked.


Both sincerity and efficiency failure would not occur plus the test halted.

Fire Resilient Glass Program (0. 5H) has been put through fire amount of resistance test in accordance with BS476: Part 22: 1987, clause 10 for sincerity only. The specimen fulfills the functionality requirements specified in British Standards enemy the times stated beneath: Integrity: At least 39 moments

Insulation: No less than 39 moments

c) Go over the major factors affecting the fireplace performance.

In the test BETC-NH-2010-1872, Fire Immune Glass Program (0. 5H) passed 39 minutes padding and integrity test. How big is glass lite for Fire Resistant Glass System can be enlarged a maximum of 22% in width in addition to height. Hence the maximal general size of the glass lite can be 1550 mm by 1 . twenty-two = 1891 mm (W) and 2600 mm back button 1 . twenty two = 3239 mm (H). The overall place is 6. 12 m2. But label the BS476: Part twenty-two & twenty two: 1987, the enlargement should be " Area” that the overall area of the glass pane should be (1550mm by 2600mm) x 1 . 2 = 5. 836 m2. 2 . Choose one " structural fireplace protection” program (coating, painting or board) in neighborhood market and review the assessment information.

a) Illustrate the application and the method declaration in specifics.

Base within the catalogue in the " Nullifire S605” -- Intumescent Basecoat, S605 is supplied ready for work with and should not be thinned but should be extensively stirred just before use. The following methods and rates of application can be obtained. Achieving optimum loadings will depend on site circumstances.


Optimum Loading WFT Per Cover @ 20oC



Airless spray finish

1500 g/m2

1 ) 10mm

Fast application and best end

Lambswool Tool & Clean

750 g/m2

0. 55mm

Roller -Textured finish comb – markings may stay

Airless Spraying:

A single apply built up with several speedy passes permits greater control over quantities and handle. It may be possible to apply two coats of S605 in one day, especially if the air heat is over 20oC and there is good air movement (2m/sec). However just before doing this makes certain that the previously applied layer is dry particularly inside the web/flange junctions.

Airless apply equipment is suggested and should match these suggestions: Operating Pressure: At least 3500 psi (250 kg/cm2)

Tip Size: 19 – 23 thou (0. twenty four – zero. 58mm)

Enthusiast Angle: 20o – 40o

Hose Diameter: 10mm (3/8”)

Hose Length: Max. 62 metres

Comb / Roller Application:

To get brush program use a " laying-on” way to avoid hefty brush tagging. A short stacked roller will produce a light textured complete. b)Describe the fire performance as well as the fire habit of the chosen system.

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