Education does not assurance success in one's existence. To what extent do you believe this statement?

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  • Education does not assurance success in one's existence. To what extent do you believe this statement?
 Education would not guarantee achievement in one’s life. To what extent will you agree with this kind of statement? Composition

" To possess a good lifestyle, you must have a good education. " How many times, offers this sentence been ingrained into each of our minds, simply by our father and mother, our teachers, even each of our older siblings? How authentic is this assertion? In my opinion, it can be largely authentic; however , certainly not everyone who may have a good life is educated. Following same disagreement, not everybody who is educated leads a good life.

What is deemed simply by an education? An education, as described by the Merriam-Webster is the action or process of educating or of being informed. It does not minimize an education to being a totally academic process. This means that a person knowledgeable in music, sports or perhaps sewing is important towards having an education.

An additional question we should ask themselves is what success really means. Is success measured in monetary terms, or in how large your smile is usually when you get out of bed? Can someone really be completely happy living in a one-room smooth occupied by 13 people and consuming only one meagre meal each day? Merriam-Webster specifies success being a favourable or desired final result. Whatever you desired, should you attained it, you will be successful. If the road sweeper desires to have enough to eat every day and to have a dedicated wife and a child, and this individual attains all that, he would succeed.

Does education guarantee that you attain all you desire?

The answer then is no .

In the event that what you desire will be a uniform, and the overall economy is in a slump, regardless of how qualified you are, you might still not really achieve the dreams of turning out to be that wealthy. What can be said, though, is that an education takes further towards achieving your dreams. An informed person is more likely to be successful than an misleading person.

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